Sunday, July 3, 2022

Seeing Red


Since Pup is making it hard for me to sit and spin on the wheel, I got out last year's spindle projects that I can sit on the floor and work on. The first thing I needed to do was to wind this spindle off. It's some lovely red Merino that I started spinning last year for a shawl I was hoping to wear to the MDSW this year. Thanks to The Big Itch I didn't quite make it. Maybe next year.

My last year's plans also included making some red thrummed mitts but I didn't get very far with that either.

I had some trouble finding the right shade of red fiber for the thrums so it went on the back burner but I'm back in business now. It may not be spinning but it's playing with fiber so in my TdF world it counts.


  1. That is such beautiful red. The top one looks like garnets. I hope you get to get the things you want done this year during the Tour.

  2. It totally counts! Happy spinning and thrumming. Hope Pup is feeling better and better every day.

  3. It absolutely counts! I love the reds!