Saturday, July 2, 2022

Stage One


How it started.

How it ended. I didn't get much done.

This is why.

It wasn't just the first stage of the Tour de France it was also Pup Liberation Day. I removed the pillow fort and covered the floor with some non-slip mats I found on Amazon and tried to adjust Pup back into normal life but she wasn't having it. I have to admit I was also weirded out by all that empty floor space and sitting on the couch just felt wrong. I was afraid she would fall off and hurt herself. By noon the pillow fort was back. We're not ready. 


  1. And we're off! At least you were able to get a bit of spinning done and by golly, you're going to have some beautiful yarn when you're finished. I love those colors. I'm very partial to purples and lavenders and those little bats of roving are perfect!
    Baby steps for sweet little Pup and you. Life has been so confined for you for months. She probably doesn't understand any of what's happening. Before you know it, she'll be exploring bit by bit.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Ha - she's gotten spoiled and now wants you to cater to her every whim!

  3. Little by little she will adjust! :)

  4. I hope to at least dye some roving to spin. Another year has a sputtering start!