Monday, July 18, 2022

After Midnight Madness


I have a very bad habit. When I can't sleep, I shop. I get carried away by something I've seen on YouTube or on a blog and go down that rabbit hole. When stuff like this shows up at the door I instantly regret it. I won't show you what stupid thing I've bought now but I will when the rest of it shows up. 

That feeling of regret brought to mind my paper pieced Dear Jane. That was another late night impulse buy. I have a lot of time and money invested in this project kit and little interest anymore.

 The fear of failure was strong but yesterday I made myself dig her out of the craft room rubble and work on her to teach myself a lesson.

I decided it didn't make sense to make any more blocks but to see if I can actually attach them to each other. No sense going on if I can't. I have to make lots and lots of little lattice pieces and sew them onto all four sides of the 43 blocks I've already made.

I started with the raggediest edged block first-the one with all the dog ears. If I could make that one work the rest should be easy. Low and behold it worked and it wasn't that bad working on it. In fact, it was nice sitting in the quiet and concentrating on something new. The interest has returned. One down.....42 to go. 

And in some more good news....after his big court room drama and then his 5 days of quarantining in the downstairs, The Mister tested negative for Covid yesterday so I sprung him from his exile-an exile I was afraid he was enjoying a bit too much. Passing the day painting on his latest paint by number kit and watching TV while getting your meals left at the door on a tray-what's not to like? I should be so lucky. 


  1. Dear Jane looks way too fussy for moi...but then I don't quilt anyway. Glad the Mister tested negative.

  2. Ha - I'm surprise the Mister didn't suddenly develop a "sniffle!" I'm glad Dear Jane block went together easy... I think you are really going to love that you finished it. I've seen a few in person and they are works of art. You can do this - I know you can!

  3. I would love an exile like long as I was healthy. TV movies and yarn. I would be a happy girl. :-) Glad he tested negative. Good news finally.
    I really like the lattice edges on the Dear Jane and I'm glad your interest is revived. It's going to be beautiful.

  4. 43 blocks! That's impressive!! It's way too easy to shop these days, isn't it?

  5. PS Glad your DH is all better!

  6. The framed Dear Jane block is darling! I’m glad you’re proceeding with the project.

  7. The framed Dear Jane block is darling! I’m glad you’re proceeding with the project.

  8. Nice start on making squares on your Dear Jane project! You should have traded spots with your husband!