Friday, July 8, 2022

Week One


It's hard to believe one whole week of the Tour has gone by. This year is flying by. In spite of Pup's aversion to the wheel, I've managed to get a bit done. 

I've only got two spindle projects going this year which is more than enough. 

I was tempted to start another spindle project with some pretty Merino locks I found while cleaning up the craft room but I didn't. Same for those two bobbins of California Red I found in the same basket. I could have drug out another wheel and carded up some of the fiber I have stashed away but-not this year. My self control in the midst of this chaos has been surprising.....

...but I do still have my other fiber projects to keep me busy while watching the riders every morning. Thrumming is a bit fiddly and can get monotonous pretty quickly but these aren't. I even remembered to knit in the waste yarn for the thumb this time. Last year I forgot and had to rip out an almost finished mitten. 


  1. Bravo, it looks like you’re on a roll!

  2. That yarn on the wheel is gorgeous. It almost makes me want to take up spinning again but I have so much to do without adding another thing. The thrummed mitten is beautiful too. I can only imagine how warm they would be.

  3. I imagine pulling out thrums is NOT easy (or fun).

  4. The thrum mitten is so pretty. Love the color. Nice to see you are spinning again!

  5. Good job on the mittens-beautiful color combo. The bobbin is filling with beautiful fiber!