Friday, July 22, 2022

TdF Week 2: Running Out of Road


The Tour is almost over and I can't say I'm sorry. I've got too much to do around here to be sitting and playing with fiber all morning. Guilt is setting in. 

I did get what was on the Ladybug finished-most of it. I left some of the fiber unspun in hopes of turning this into some thrummed mittens one day.

The drop spindle has had 3 wind offs during this year's Tour. That's not bad. It doesn't have to get packed away now and it's in a basket by the TV so hopefully I will continue on with it. 

Ditto for the support spindle. She's in a new to her basket right next to where I keep the remote to remind me that she's there. I've been spinning this same Merino for about 10 years now and the bag is still full. It really needs some serious attention. 

I have one and a quarter thrummed mittens. I can put this away now and pick it up when it cools down. No guilt there. I'm in no hurry for warm mittens in this heat wave. 

I've got The Mister all fired up to get the dining area finished so putting him off while I play with woolly stuff isn't working anymore and to tell you the truth I would rather have a working kitchen again. 

There was a lot more assembly going on yesterday and I'm starting to feel hopeful that the end is really in sight. Please, please, please don't let there be anything to stop us now. Like those weary riders in France we are heading for that finish line-at last. 

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  1. The trick is to remember that even the smallest bit of progress is progress. The only thing Dave has done this week is set up my laundry line. It's been so hot and humid, it's impossible to do anything but sit in the a/c. I reminded him that we aren't on a deadline for anything. Things get done when they get done. The world will not end if we don't get to them right away.