Monday, July 25, 2022

On the Podium


It wasn't exactly a yellow jersey finish this year but I'm right chuffed that I got anything done at all to be honest. 

The last day of the Tour always does something to me. I had to fix myself a small gin and tonic just to get through the last few laps in Paris. I'm the kind of person that cries during the closing ceremony of the Olympics so this silly flood of emotion is never surprising. It's just who I am.

Though it feels like something important is ending I have things to look forward to. It looks like I will be able to manage the cotton spinning so that's promising. 

And....since the Ladybug is sitting here without a project, I pulled out something pretty for her. I always have to remind myself there's still spinning to be done-even after the last stage has been won. 

Vive le Tour.


  1. Beautiful fibers! Congratulations on what you did accomplish!

  2. Wonderful little bit of useable fluff you made! I know from experience, that spinning is a real skill (which I don't have). The fact that you can do it, not the quantity, is what's really impressive to me.

  3. Congrats on the spun fibers and the will to go on with more. LOL

  4. When my DH saw the closing ceremony on tv he yelled-he you forgot your tour de fiber or whatever! lol Yes, I did miss it again this year-2 yrs of missing it is sad. You did a lot considering your had drama surround you! The new fiber looks like a beautiful spin-enjoy!