Sunday, July 31, 2022

More Fiber Tales


Much to Pup's dismay I decided to put another project on the Ladybug last week. She was not happy but too bad. 

Spinning really is my therapy. I split up the Mardi Gras BFL into small strands because after unbraiding it I discovered it's one big gradient and that's hard to spin. You don't want huge stripes of color in a project so you've got to mix those colors up by hand. 

In prepping for the Tour I found these two unplied bobbins of a California Red I had washed last year but after searching in vain I couldn't find anymore to finish this project so....

...I dusted off the Traveler and am using it to finish plying the leftover white because what I did find was.....

....these four multi colored California Red batts I must have carded ages ago. I'll spin those batts when I finish plying the white and hopefully be able to use them all in a project one day.

I am still playing with the takli spindle. I really like using these little punis that came with it and ordered more from the spindle vendor. 

The big bags of cotton are getting spun on the little Spindolyn which is easier to use than the takli so I can get more done. Not that I am in any rush. I'm really just trying to prove to myself that life has returned somewhat to normal and that there really IS spinning after the Tour. For the past few years there wasn't. 

Of course it hasn't hurt that the Tour de France Femmes has been on all week. 
Vive Les Tours.


  1. Well, since Blogger won't let me sign in ....argh. It's me, Dee.

    The little box that your spindle came in is so pretty. Happy spinning.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful fluff!

  3. I really love the fibers--I have got to get the relaxing zen-like mode that fiber spinning brings back into my life! Thanks for the inspiration! The CA Red fiber is a joy to spin!