Wednesday, July 20, 2022

First NIght


Last night was the first time I've been in a bed since March 25. I slept in a garbage bag covered chair until June 2 during the Big Itch. Then I slept on the floor next to a broken Pup until last week. That's when I finally trusted Pup not to do anything stupid to herself so I could get some sleep on the couch next to her bed on the floor.

My room (yes, The Mister and I have our own rooms and like it that way) has always been a pet free zone because of my allergies so it was used as the "clean" room during the mite adventure. It's where we stored all the stuff we boiled and washed. I spent a few days clearing it out and giving it a good scrubbing but it was still hard to get into that bed remembering that the last time I was in it I was covered in....well, you know. The mattress and new pillows have mite covers on them. All the linens are brand new but I was still feeling icky about being in there. 

A little knitting helped. So did an audio book.  I had to sleep covered from head to toe in winter pj's and socks. I remind myself everyday that it took 5 months to get out of this mess so it's going to take a while to get things back to feeling normal. Hopefully, it starts here with a good night's sleep. 


  1. First steps! That's wonderful that you were able to be in your own bed. I'm so glad for you. And I love your linens. They are so pretty and summery.
    Here's hoping for many, many sleep filled nights for you.

  2. What progress--it had to feel wonderful to sleep with space, knitting and a good book!

  3. Congratulations! Wishing you peaceful sleeps with calming dreams. Enjoy!

  4. Every step toward normal is wonderful!

  5. Happy to hear that your life is returning to pre-mite normal and that Pup doesn’t need constant supervision. I hope you got some much needed rest in your bed.

  6. I'll bet sleeping in your own bed after all that time felt great! Love your new sheets, too. I recently fell asleep while knitting and paid big time as some of my stitches fell off and unraveled. Lots of tinking!