Monday, July 4, 2022

Three Strikes


Yes, I know it's the 4th of July but there is nothing going on here this year. I'm still floor sitting with a gimpy Pup who needs a bath like nobody's business. We are waiting for the surgeon to get back to us on when she can get wet. We had to email her a photo on Friday of the incision and now we wait for her decision. I'm betting she's on vacation and won't get back to us until Tuesday. Meanwhile, I've been collecting bad yarn. Lots of bad yarn.

The box that holds my Audun squares is getting full so I wanted to start joining them but that meant deciding on a color. I thought a dark gray would work so I started ordering. 

The first one had the right texture but it was too dark. It looks like black to me and I didn't want black. Strike one. 

My second try was closer to the color I wanted but I hated the shiny texture. It doesn't work with the acrylic the blocks are made of at all. Strike two.

The third try was pure and absolute insanity. I didn't notice that the yarn was a gradient. I just saw it was gray and bought four whole skeins. Strike three.

I thought I would save money and time by going the Amazon route instead of the Knit Picks route but I ended up ordering some gray Brava after all....AND it turned out that the Brava was on sale making it cheaper than any of these. Go figure. 


  1. Well, if you are ever in the mood to make a crazy mash-up acrylic blanket, you got what it takes.

  2. Yup - a grey blanket may be in your future. Hope Pup can get a bath soon!

  3. I know what you mean by the shininess of the Bernat! I am still waiting for my order from Knitpicks 2 weeks ago-they got fast for a while but are back to their slow routine-beware!

  4. At least yarn never goes bad and there's always a use for it somewhere

  5. That soft Red Heart would make an awesome wheelchair blanket for a nursing home if you ever have the will to make one. They really appreciate acrylic blankets.
    Hopefully your Knit Picks order will arrive quickly. And also hopefully you will get the okay for Pups bath.