Friday, July 1, 2022

Le Grand Depart


Well hello July. For one brief happy moment yesterday I felt like my old self. I got to dig through my fiber stash to find something to spin for this year's Tour and that weird feeling I had that I almost couldn't identify was....happiness. The old me would feel this way all day long as I moved from project to project but the new me that's been stuck in this never ending nightmare rarely feels excitement about anything anymore. As brief as the feeling was, I was glad to know it still exists.

Digging out the Ladybug wasn't much fun. The poor thing was filthy. I don't think I cleaned her after last year's Tour which was when I packed her away again. She got a good scrubbing along with an oiling. She's ready.

I usually get out all three of my wheels but they are in pieces at the moment. I trip over them all the time when piling junk in the sewing room. Poor things need some love but not this year. 

This year's spin will be some Merino and silk in the Cat Wing colorway from Hobbledehoy. I've got a lot of happy rainbow fiber that I could have chosen from but for some reason this rather somber colorway called out to me. I've got no plans for it. It will most likely be just another skein in one of the two huge handspun bins. I had to give myself a good talking to yesterday about not feeling guilty about all those unused balls of handspun. So what if I never knit anything with them. Spinning is my therapy and I need some therapy.


  1. I'm glad you had a good day rooting around through fun fiber and wheels. I'm sorry things are still not normal yet, but then again, what is normal anymore. I don't believe anyone's life is normal as it was a few years ago. I wonder if it ever will be again. But I am glad you are going to spin for Tour d' France. Maybe it will help you get through the next few weeks. Thinking of you and Pup.

  2. Have fun! That is really pretty fiber.

  3. Hear, hear! I think it will perfect therapy for you and I hope you have much longer moments of happiness! Beautiful colorway!

  4. If spinning makes you happy, go for it. No guilt for feeling good. Life is too short for anything else. I think that's going to make a gorgeous yarn.