Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Life Interupted


Just when things start to calm down around here, the stuff always hits the fan. As soon as the sun came up yesterday I as off on the long drive to the emergency vet-again. 

No, not Pup this time. It was this guy. I was up all night with the poor fella watching him struggling to breathe. He is one of the indoor/outdoor kitties and he's been sleeping outside since the weather has warmed up and in all the hubbub with Pup and her leg I didn't notice he was in trouble. Thankfully the vet thinks it's just a really bad sinus infection. He got a shot and some pills and I've got my fingers crossed he will be on the mend soon. My house looks like an animal hospital. Pup still penned up in the living room and now a sick kitty in the kitchen. It never ends. 

But that's not all......The Mister got called up for jury duty this week so I am having all this fun all by myself. This was going to be the week that Pup came out of her pen and we put the house back together and started living a normal life again but that's not happening now. 

And.......since there is NO WAY we can both get Covid at the same time with all this pet drama going on, so in an abundance of caution he's going to be quarantined downstairs when he comes home. It's a particularly horrific trial with over a hundred potential jurors all being shoved in little conference rooms. The Covid numbers here are surging and no one is wearing masks anymore and the friends I have that have picked up the new variant have been very sick. I can't imagine dealing with all these broken critters while being sick myself so I made him up a little kitchen downstairs where he can just shut himself away until we get a few days of negative tests behind us to be on the safe side. 

Trying to settle my brain with all this is impossible. I have the Tour on in the background but I am running around taking care of business instead of spinning or knitting. I did manage to clear off the dining room table and set up a sewing area so maybe.....just maybe I can still work a little on the baby quilt. As I've said many, many times's always something and I'm so very, very tired of it. 


  1. Oh dear! It IS always something at your house isn't it? I'm glad the kitty has medications now and will be on the mend. How sad for our animals because they can't tell us when or where they hurt or in distress. You are a wonderful animal Mama though and take such good care of them.
    Jury duty on top of everything else! I think the quarantining is a good idea. The numbers are way up here too and also in Spokaen where we're headed soon. In the trailer I'm going to pack our thermometer, BP cuff and oxygen sensor. I'd rather be safe than sorry. I do hope the Mister doesn't pick up anything while serving at the courthouse.
    Hang in there Debra! This shall pass.

  2. You are right 0 it is always something! Mabel had a respiratory infection a bit ago. She was on an antibotic for a week and it cleared right up. We have noticed that she pants an awful lot in this heat, so when we see her doing that we bring her in and make her stay in the AC for a little while.

  3. When it rains, it pours and you've definitely hit a flood stage! Now with your help, kitty should bounce back very quickly! I don't know anyone who has been extremely ill with this bout of Covid so don't panic!

  4. Sending you all the good vibes and high hopes that things will get better soon. You’ve had some rough times these last few years and I know they wear you down and sap whatever hope and joy you had. I’m struggling to be optimistic myself, but then I remind myself to find at least one thing to be grateful for every day. Love and hugs to you and many, many thanks for all the wonderful soap and goodies you have gifted me over the years.

  5. It’s probably a good idea for the Mister to isolate at home. I haven’t seen a mask in weeks, except at the hospital and positive cases are inching upward. Happy to hear the kitty is on antibiotics and will be feeling better soon.

  6. Id say you need to run away to the woods, but you already live there and it's not really helping, lol. Hopefully jury duty is short and uneventful for the Mister, and he comes home sickness free.
    Numbers are rising here too, but no one is paying any attention. We just got an invite for my cousin's wedding in November. She's my favourite (and youngest) cousin and I used to babysit her all the time. I hate to decline, but all those people indoors with these new varients... doesn't seem like a good idea to me. I think Im going to make her a nice, big wedding quilt to make up for it.