Saturday, July 9, 2022

Out and About


Someone took a ride yesterday and it was NOT to the vet's for a change. 

Since we were all up before the sun we thought we would take Pup out for her first walk in months. She wasn't too sure about it at first. Every trip out has ended in something awful for her lately but not yesterday.

It was a very short walk since she still is not very steady on her feet. You can see here how nicely the incision has healed and how her hair is starting to grow back. She still can't push off very well on that leg. It's pretty weak in spite of all the therapy I'm doing every day. 

Since we haven't been out in ages we expected some changes in the landscape but weren't prepared for what we discovered. Our local produce store was practically empty and is for sale. That porch is usually covered in pretty things to plant and a seafood station but not now. That's sad.

In the early morning hours you can hear the crab boats making their rounds but yesterday there was only one to be seen. For the first time in history they have had to put a limit on how many you can harvest. The bay is in trouble again. That's bad.

The big Inn on the corner is closing. They just added a bed and breakfast in an adjacent building and a rental cottage so that was a surprise. 

The antique store in the heart of town is also for sale. That's Pup's favorite bench right there. It's where we used to sit and wait for The Mister to come out of the coffee shop across the street with a scone or a cookie.

Thank goodness the coffee shop is still there although it did change hands not too long ago. Pup's had a hard enough year without losing her favorite hang out. 

Brief as it was, the early morning walk wore Pup out. Me too. We had a nice long nap when we got home. 


  1. I'm so glad that you got out and had a walk with Pup. She looks great and her incision looks like it's healing nicely. I'm sorry about so many changes. It's the same here. The economy is really in trouble. Prices are sky-rocketing and people can't afford the extras as much right now. We're stressing a bit about the fuel for our trip to Spokane. We've been saving for it but the amount we had originally planned for has doubled along with the cost of diesel fuel. Camping has gone up too because their costs have increased. I don't know where all of this is going to end. I feel for those who have teenagers to feed right now. I remember how much food our boys used to eat!
    Take care and enjoy loving on that Pup.

  2. The best therapy is actually using it! She will adjust to her leg in no time! I think all of us will remember all the changes the shut-down has wrought! Glad you were able to enjoy an outing.

  3. Happy to see that Pup enjoyed the outing!

  4. Her incision looks sooooo good!