Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday


I've got something new. Many of you have suggested that I get one of those magnifying lamps and until now I've put it off not wanting to admit that I am blind as a bat. 

The last straw was having to sit in my dark living room with Pup when I really needed to get this baby sampler done so I ordered one and......wow. What a game changer. I wish I had listened sooner. 

I've been flying through the sampler now and my stitches looks so much better. Maybe my last project wouldn't have taken me 12 years if I had only been able to see what I was doing. 


  1. Very cool! Happy stitching. You'll be a stitching speed demon now.

  2. I can't stitch without magnification. I use a headband with magnification attached to it that you flip down in front of your eyes - not sure what it's called, but it works for me.

  3. It's funny you should mention that... Not long after restarting stitching, I mentioned to Mom that sometimes I had trouble seeing the holes in the aida... mostly in low light. Getting old sucks

  4. Finding useful tools can definitely make a huge difference in any craft. Stitch on and enjoy!

  5. That's a great tool to help. I have a light that is right over my shoulder where I sit and knit, cross stitch, etc. It helps a LOT so far. I fear a magnifier won't be far off in my future. :-)

  6. So you are not going blind-you are just getting wise! lol