Saturday, July 16, 2022

Put a Ring on It


Pup and I got stuck in the downstairs craft room during a thunderstorm the other night. That room has been off limits since March when we closed it up during the big mite adventure. I started working on this mandala in February and it's been sitting bagged up on my work table ever since. I got another ring finished on it last night while listening to the thunder and started one more. I'd forgotten how much fun they are to work on.

I didn't really want to spend any time down there until I did a good cleaning. I've still got some bagged up stuff in there waiting to be washed and it's a reminder of things I'd rather forget but The Mister is still quarantining in the downstairs family room so it's where we had to go when the wind started to howl. Trees, you know. Our big ones don't tend to stay where they are supposed to when the wind picks up. The damage from those storms was unbelievable in some areas north of us especially in our old home town near the U of MD where several houses were destroyed by-trees. You'd think a tornado had gone through but it was just one of those micro-bursts like the one that took out dear Mini in a matter of seconds. 

After I got over the initial ick factor I enjoyed my time among all my crafty stuff again. I was tempted to pull out Rainbow Kitty who is up on a shelf out of harm's way but thought better of it. I'm afraid another bath is in its future before I pick it up again because like everything else down there, I'm sure it's dusty as heck. I've got some serious cleaning to do. 

As for Pup, she is still struggling to get used to her disability-as am I. It really upsets me to see her struggle so. Getting up and down is so difficult for her. That leg is still so weak and seems to give her some discomfort if she is up on it for too long. It's a good thing she enjoys her stroller as long walks will most likely be a thing of the past. We get the strangest looks and comments when we take her out in it. I need to get a handicapped tag to put on the front of it because sometimes I get tired of answering questions. 

And....I'm not kidding about that sign. Several people on Etsy make signs for doggie strollers because they also got tired of all the "she/he's so spoiled" comments you get. People mean well but it does get old when everyone you pass says it. 


  1. How fun that you got to spend time in your craft room, even though it wasn't for a very good reason. You have had more than your share of storms this year. Meanwhile, we've been very lucky so far.
    I love the stroller. In fact, we purchased one for Zoey, although we haven't used it yet. I'm thinking as she gets older it will be nice to have.

  2. The pup picture is so cute!

    Love the mandela, but not the scary storms. We sure could use a little rain here. It has been too dry.

  3. So glad you are entering another frontier that has been cut-off from you! The Mandala is gorgeous! I want to try to make one for the background to a bunch of sharks teeth! and yes, it stinks about Pup being in pain now. Soon she will adjust.

  4. So glad that things are getting back to normal at your house. That mandela is amazing! Is it done with ink on fabric? That sounded like one scary storm; hope it didn't bring much damage to your place. Trees don't love the wind, that's for sure.

  5. As sign is a great idea! I am totally considering getting a stroller for Burton though - because he IS so spoiled!