Thursday, July 21, 2022

Boxed In


The highlight of my day was The Mister bringing home some good fruit from the Mom and Pop grocer down the street. It all went downhill after that. 

After the Tour we pick one project to get done and yesterday it was finishing the cabinet and shelves unit in the living area. One of hinges was broken and Ikea had sent me a replacement. That was a quick fix but getting the shelves to stay where they were supposed to wasn't happening. We had to put in some screws to get the backs to square back up. There were a lot of bad words from The Mister as none of this was easy.

Now I have to figure out what goes where. I've got boxes of stuff to empty out and arrange-a job I am not very good at. I've got so much sentimental stuff to display it's ridiculous. I have to say it's been nice living with all this stuff boxed up for 3 years. I haven't missed it but I'm not ready to part with most of it yet. 

Then....the loveseat I bought from Wayfair was a box. Unassembled. That was a surprise. After a morning of wrangling Ikea bookcases and cabinets The Mister was NOT amused. 

They've taken a page out of the Ikea playbook it seems. We ditched the directions and just did what made sense. 

In spite of all the yelling during the assembly process, Pup was happy with the results. I bought it for her to sit on when she goes downstairs. After we ditched the couch I bought The Mister a recliner and she hated sitting next to him in it. Now she's got her own little couch to stretch out on. I hope she uses it. I could use a break from that face. That's how she looks at me all day now. It's not love-it's food. We've got her on a diet since her activity is restricted and she's not happy. 


  1. I had to laugh at, "It's not love-it's food." That face is so sweet. I can see where it would be hard to deny her.
    I'm sorry everything is so difficult. It seems everything is anymore doesn't it? I'm thinking I should do more purging but that's SO hard. I get attached to things. It's hard to believe we lived in a camping trailer for a year and have only been in a house for a year. We sure filled it up FAST!

  2. A day of assembling is not fun. That said, pup looks so cute on her own little couch.

    I am happy to report that Rupert is finally using the expensive kitty cabana on a daily basis... so there's hope pup will be happy with furniture bought just for her too!

  3. I know about the sentimental attachments! do your best to display some and you could always rotate out every few months! Pup looks adorable but I love how you described that face!

  4. Yes, I need to restrict my food intake too. I know what you mean about not missing stuff when it's packed away, but not yet ready to get rid of stuff...that's a BIG problem for me.