Saturday, July 23, 2022

After Midnight Madness Part 2


I said that I was going to show you the crazy things I have bought in this bag when all the moving pieces get here. 

The last piece of the puzzle showed up yesterday in a box with a sheep on it. Squeee......

The bag was from Hipstrings and it contained three packages of cotton. Spinning cotton. 

The box with the sheep on it contained another box and a couple of samples of more spinning cotton.

In that pretty box was a teeny tiny spindle called a tahkli that is used for spinning cotton. Why all the interest in spinning cotton?

Because Wolf Pup is back in the living area cleaned and ready for a project. I've always wanted to weave something from my own hand spun cotton. 

It's going to take me forever to spin enough cotton for a towel so this kit will be the first thing on the loom when I get the time to start winding it all on.

It's not like I'm in a hurry to get any of this done. Look at this pile giant of towels I just unpacked. All woven by yours truly. I had no idea I had so many. Oh,'s like everything else I like to make from socks to quilts. Too much and too many-but you gotta do something all day. 


  1. That is an ambitious project. The box the spindle came in is exquisite.

  2. That will make beautiful towels!! I love your assortment!!

  3. Oh, you can weave again! Yippee! The cotton can be a good spin if you remember it isn't wool!

  4. I love watching your weaving work emerge!