Thursday, July 14, 2022

Gray Matter


After all that gray yarn drama of a few weeks ago, I finally found what I was looking for. Some of Knit Picks shorty interchangeables came along for the ride. I thought they might work with the thrummed mittens but they won't. They will work with hats though.

This will be the yarn that binds all those Audun squares together someday. I'm not actually finished with the squares. Maybe when life calms down I'll get back to them.

In good news, after a very long day in court The Mister did NOT make it through the jury selection process and got sent home. Instead of a week or more of downstairs quarantine he should be good to go by Sunday if he tests negative. It's a good thing I have a big pile of those free Covid tests. He was shoved in a little room with around 100 pretty much all unmasked folks for over 6 hours. 

And.....I just realized it's our wedding anniversary today. After all we've been through in just the past few months it's a miracle we are still speaking to each other. I guess that thing about misery loving company is true. It's certainly been a long, strange trip.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!
    You two have definitely been through a LOT in the past few years, especially the past months.
    The gray looks as if it will work out great for the squares and I should look at those short interchangeables. I always end up with dpn's for hats.
    Yay for not getting chosen for jury duty. The one time Dennis was on a jury he was voted foreman! I've never been on one. I was called for Federal Duty but my boss at the time wrote a letter because she didn't want me gone. It worked. I didn't have to serve on the jury or even go to the selection process.
    We have a big stack of those tests too. I have put several boxes of them in our camp box to take with us next week. I'm getting very nervous about this trip since outbreaks are increasing, but Hubby is determined to go since it could be our last chance for awhile. The way gas/diesel is going up and other prices sky-rocketing, we really shouldn't be going now.
    Take care and do something special today.
    Blessings and love,

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and the Mister. Life has thrown a lot at the two of you this year. The grey yarn looks nice with the blocks.

  3. Happy Anniversary, you deserve to celebrate but for now a negative test by the Mister would be enough of a celebration, that and healthy animals, a house put back together and of course time to knit. Thank you for the reminder to get more tests, I just ordered more.


  5. Here's hoping for a clean bill of health and a good Anniversary celebration on Sunday!

  6. We were just commenting on the vows of 'for better or worse' and really how to live it out. Tough times sure can drive you apart or make you so grateful someone has your back, no matter what! Happy Anniversary!