Friday, July 15, 2022

TdF: Week Two


As usual, I adjust to every new wave of chaos and manage to find a few minutes to do something for me-like spin. I am loving this colorway. I thought it was drab but as singles it is so pretty. I hope it stays that way after plying.

The spindles don't look a whole lot different this week but I have used them. The red got a wind off. The support spindle will get one soon. It's getting heavy. 

I'm still making thrums. 

And I finished the handspun Align mitts I started during the last Tour. I've still got a lot of that green handspun BFL/silk left and since my new rule is NOTHING goes in the handspun stash I've got to come up with a plan to use it up. good news-which I know is rare around here, it looks like kitty is finally on the mend. It was a scary week. He didn't eat a bite for days even though it seemed like he was starving. He was so congested that I thought by Wednesday his expiration date was surely up. I've never seen a cat with such a runny nose. Finally, yesterday he started coughing and somehow that coughing broke up the congestion enough to let him finally eat.

 Now after a good breakfast, he is back guarding the deck and enjoying the sunshine-a big improvement. The poor old thing is still not 100% but I'm breathing a sigh of relief for this brief moment which around here is all I get anymore.


  1. Kitty sure looks happy and contented in that last photo. I hope he continues to improve.
    Love the yarns and those mitts too. The first handspun single ply, the purple is my favorite. Always purple. :-)

  2. Oh look at that kitty belly - that tells you right there every little thing, is going to be alright.

  3. Glad kitty is feeling better. Must be something in the air. Giroux has been congested too.

    I love the mitts. Very pretty.

  4. Such good news about the cat! The spinning is happening which is more than is happening here! I think it is a good time for things to start to look up for your household!

  5. So happy your kitty is better. That must have been very scary! Love all your spun yarn colors. Nice work!