Thursday, April 30, 2020

A Sign of the Times

 We took our first tentative steps off of our property yesterday. I went prepared.

 It felt weird to put on my "in public" clothes. I always wear this old moth eaten sweater for walks on the boardwalk and it gave me all the feels to put it on again.

We weren't going anywhere. We just needed to get the car out for a bit. We've been having battery troubles from it sitting so long.

 I haven't been up that driveway and out into the world since late February. The last time The Mister was out was St Patrick's Day. It was scary. We didn't know what to expect.

 We took a drive through the deserted twin beach area and what we got were signs. Everywhere.

 Everything was closed and locked up. Some restaurants had signs promoting take out but the lots were empty. Most places just said they were closed for the duration.

 The koi pond park and all the kiddie parks were roped off too. The only kids we saw were in fast moving strollers in front of a jogging mom. No one was stopping for anything.

The parking lots of all the marinas were empty. I've never seen that before-even with a hurricane warning there is always some fool out there.

 Poor Pup. She thought she was going for a walk. We knew she wasn't but tried to convince her our yard was somewhere new.

We have plenty of places to walk right here at home but she wasn't fooled. The nose knows.


  1. It's really weird isn't it? I actually went into a store today. I got my pick-up order at Walmart but they were out of a bunch of things and wanted to subsitute others. So I went to my usual store. I haven't been there since February! I had a mask and gloves on and plenty of hand sanitizer. But, the empty shelves were terrible. Still not able to get several things I needed and although we didn't need any, I check the toilet paper aisle. Empty. Thank goodness we are fine there.
    I can't wait for normal to come back. Do you think it will?

  2. I can't believe you haven't been out in that long!! I did gas up my car the other day - it was the first time since March 15th and prices are way down!!

  3. Has any one else noticed that the console in your car kinda looks like a puppy-dog face?

  4. Yes, it’s eerily quiet, but I’ve noticed that people are eager to wave and say “Hello”

  5. I'm afraid I'm going to forget how to drive! The lack of people out and about really is strange. We have to get on the interstate to get anywhere from where we live and it's so strange to be riding along with no other cars in sight. Normally, no matter what time of day, it's bumper to bumper.

  6. It is surreal to see everything closed. There is literally nowhere to go except to grocery store, pharmacy or Lowes Home Improvement. Everything else is closed. Even my vet's office has a policy where you call when you get there and they come out and take the animal in for checkup/treatment and then bring it back to you waiting in your vehicle. From what I have seen of the easing of restrictions, nothing will be close to normal initially. So strange. I really like your comfort sweater.

  7. it does you good to be able to see different views! It is strange to see your 'neighborhood' a ghost town, isn't it?!

  8. That picture of Pup just tears at my heart - I think that expresses what so many are feeling now.

  9. It's weird to see the coastal areas like that. I've been looking at live boardwalk cams at Ocean City and Rehoboth and they're like a ghost town.

  10. Pup is so dang cute. It is so bizarre to have things closed up. However, We are pleased to see more people wearing masks and even gloves at Culvers. My son is feeling the isolation in Mexico where he is normally so happy.......Im glad he has his kitten BO and good friends near by