Tuesday, April 28, 2020

TNT:High Drama

 There were some real issues with Needles and Pins over the past few days. A little voice kept telling me that there was something wrong but I kept stitching.

See that long vertical green line of stitches that frames the thing all the way to the top? It's not the same one that was there two days ago. I had to rip it out and move it over. By one stitch. I know I could have just ignored it and gone on but I couldn't and I didn't. The thought of it even woke me up out a sound sleep so I knew it had to be done. It still looks a bit lopsided but that's the pattern's fault not mine. It's not centered. I counted it out a million times and for some reason it's really not so I'll just have to deal with it.

Dear Jane has another row completed but I can already tell there is going to be more drama when I have to join those wonky rows. I'll worry about it another day. One issue at a time is all I can deal with at the moment.


  1. I don't doubt how frustrated you were having to change that vertical row, but may I say how beautiful that the project is going to be? I love the sweet little dog and the flowers the man has in his hand. So pretty.

  2. it's not so easy to rip out cross stitches! Good for you to do it or it would bug you every time you looked at this when framed! Yeah, one thing at a time....

  3. I know that you had to change that vertical row because I've done exactly the same thing. In fact, I was three-quarters of the way through with a project and realized a mistake I'd made was going to throw everything off. I just ordered new fabric and started the whole thing over; it's a very late Christmas present now.
    Dear Jane is lovely and I know that your persistence and perseverance will absolutely pay off!

  4. That is such a pretty cross stitch sampler. And, I've been there, done that on the ripping.

  5. Your sampler is just beautiful! I was thinking how intricate the border looks as I was reading about having to move that line by one stitch. Yes, I would have had to rip it out also because it would bug me every time I looked at it. It is going to worth all the effort in the end. That Dear Jane block is really pretty.

  6. I hate when things are off center. I would have had to fix it too.

  7. Good girl Deb, One issue at a time!!! Yes!!
    Keep at it, because it is really lovely