Saturday, April 4, 2020


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 After several days of doing pretty much nothing I think I've lost the will to live. I feel fine now but that comfy chair is still calling my name. The wind isn't helping. If it weren't too windy to go outside I'd show you a photo of the big tree that came down yesterday right across the entry to my walking path-yes, the path we just cleared of the tree that came down in the fall. It's always something with those trees. I don't want to think about trees anymore. I just want to take a nap.

The Mister has been busy in the man cave. He's been watching reruns of old football games and making potholders. Bless his heart.

I did get the front paws on Rainbow Kitty done yesterday. It wasn't much-but it was something.

Maybe this will help. Sandflies sent me this coffee this week. I think it may just be what I need. All I have left in the coffee stash is some old instant decaf that I take with me when I kitty sit. I think I'll go make a pot right now. Thanks Sandflies!


  1. You finish the kitty! He's so happy looking that it makes me smile whenever I see him.
    I'm so sorry that you lost another tree. My goodness, that's a lot of trees to come down. You have a second career as a logger!
    I know how you feel about wind. We have had several really windy days this week and it was 55 mph gusts today and only 40F for the high. It's really been a miserable week weather-wise and I've spent most of it in my recliner watching videos. I have no desire to do anything.
    Dennis announced tonight that he's organizing the garage tomorrow. He can't stand sitting around. So of course that means I need to DO something. I can't just sit here while he works in the garage all day.

  2. Rainbow Kitty is so happy. Love The Mister's pot holders too. I haven't seen one of those looms in years. Think the wind finally calmed down here.

  3. I think all this stress is just wearing everyone out. A big giant nationwide nap sounds good to me.

  4. Rainbow Kitty is sweet! I’m glad you’re working on him again. Great potholders - fascinating design.

  5. If rainbow kitty doesn't keep you going, nothing will.

  6. Rainbow kitty and the potholders are cheerful looking. Hoping your motivation returns and rainbow kitty gets more of your attention. What a bummer about the tree falling - particularly after all the time you guys invested in getting the area cleared. Ugh! Hope your day/disposition improve dramatically.

  7. Cool potholders! Hope you feel like your old self soon:)