Friday, April 3, 2020

Low Pressure

With so much suffering going on out there I hate to complain but I've been sidelined with a monster migraine for the past two days. I've been curled up in my one and only comfortable spot dozing on and off and pretending I am knitting to make myself feel like I'm doing something.

The last time I had a three day migraine the weather people were talking about a massive low pressure area churning off the coast out in the Atlantic. That headache went away when the low pressure went away. Last night our weather people were talking about another one out there right now. All I know is that it is windy and cold and my head is pounding. I hope that thing blows away soon.

 When I was feeling better I got another pattern repeat on the Mosi. One more and I start the ribbing. Yippee.

 The purple Mosi hat is getting ready to get its top decreased. I wish this one was done. It matches my purple pj pants and my purple Crocs. I always wear a hat when I have a headache. It keeps my head warm and warns The Mister he better be on his best behavior. Lol....


  1. Love it .....a WARNING HAT!!!

  2. I'm so, so sorry you have a migraine. I know they aren't fun. I've had the strangest headache for the past month. It's gone when I wake up but by noon it's back. Just a little one. Nothing like your migraine and it's just an annoyance. Along with it is a bit of a drippy nose and sneezing. It's my typical spring allergy thing getting going and it will last a few months. Of course, I immediately thought I had this plague thing when it started. I hate the way we're all living right now.
    I hope that low pressure goes away and you're feeling right as rain very soon. Meanwhile, I love all of your knitting, especially the purple hat

  3. Feel better!! My little brother told me he had a whopper of a migraine the other week. They are not fun. What is fun is your Mosi - both of them!

  4. Sorry to hear about your migraine. I used to always think my headaches were tied to the weather. Not that I am older, I don't get them as often so maybe they were hormonal too! I'd put ice packs on my forehead for relief. Funny how we headache sufferers find our own individual ways to get relief. Feel better soon!

  5. Ugh... I feel your pain... literally. I've got one coming on right now. I'm about to load up on coke (cola, not snorting it!), and mega strength advil to see if I can nip it in the bud.

    Both Mosis are looking amazing in their own way. The sweater is just stunning in its complexity... and that hat... wow that purple is eye-popping - in a totally good way.

  6. So sorry that you are dealing with a migraine! When I saw the title of your post, my first thought was that you had been downed by a migraine. Hope the low pressure shifts soon and the headache goes with it. Your soaps in yesterday's post are just beautiful. If they smell as wonderful as I perceive from your description, I would have to wear that face shield to keep from snacking constantly. Hope you are much better by now and can enjoy the weekend.