Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Waste Not, Want Not

A few years ago Middle Son gifted me this foodie book. The author was inspired by cookbooks from the Depression Era and made frugality her thing. It's a great read. I've had to get it out and re-read it because with iffy deliveries that's where we are now.

 Old bananas can't be tossed they must become banana bread.

I had to go digging through my kitchen boxes to find my favorite recipe. Look at that date. I think it was time I made a copy.

 Any leftover meat or bones become broth that I chill and skim. I'm using it for the critters to stretch their meals but The Mister's been making gravy with it too. I need to start doing this with the veggie scraps too.

 I did have a disaster. No matter what the internet tells you, pancake mix as a flour substitute does not make good biscuits. In spite of using up some precious butter they were dry and crumbly.

 Yesterday was delivery day. The Mister gets so excited. We got eggs. Pricey but we got'em.

 Finally I got some dry beans and lentils. I was running very low. I have a Rancho Gordo order in but it won't even be shipped until May 15th.

 Thankfully I got all the stuff I need to make good use of those beans. I got a lot of aromatics including onions and lots of garlic. I am in bean heaven.

Every single thing gets washed down including the eggs and the egg carton. We've now got 16 cases in our little town. We've had 139 cases and 7 deaths in the county. I'm not playing. I use my unscented plain ole goat soap on the produce since I know exactly what's in it and there's nothing in it to worry about.

It was a full afternoon of cleaning and re-packaging but we're good to go for another few weeks. I celebrated with a full pot of tea (I got more water!) and a crumbly pancake mix biscuit which made a much better scone after covering it with some strawberry jam. If I could have told 2019 me what 2020 me would be doing just to eat I'd have laughed. I hope 2021 me still thinks this is funny.


  1. I sure hope 2021 is a better year.

    This one fairly stinks.

  2. I heard yesterday on the news that banana bread has become the unofficial baked good of the pandemic. Apparently we're all making it.
    I have a grocery pick-up order for 9 am tomorrow. Then I'm going to have to go to another store and actually go inside because the pick up place didn't have most of what I really need. So I guess I will wear a mask and wash my hands really well and pray it's good enough.
    I'm glad you're all set for awhile.

  3. Glad your delivery came through. We have so many beans!! LOL But, they are delicious and good for you - full of protein.

  4. The stores around us are pretty well stocked if you aren't too specific! I think the practices of the Depression are a great idea! We take all of our meat scraps/carcasses/bones to the widow next door for her dogs to mix with her dry food to help stretch her dollars!

  5. I always want to get more frugal with my cooking, but my problem is I'm so darn picky!

  6. I have many of my Mom’s recipes from leaner times, and they’re some of my favorites.

  7. What good use of food products! And your produce looks great. I keep the broth for the dogs and for soup, too.

  8. Oh my father made many broth soups. My ancestors as first generation immigrants from Ireland And Hungary in the early 1900s, ate very little meat. We had some yummy black bean burgers last night. Some nights are just tortillas with red peppers, onions, cheese and a salsa to dip in.....

  9. We've been happy to be able to do store to car deliveries at two local farms so the vegetables have been more plentiful. My daughter and I trade what we might not use - front porch trade without getting too close and then a short, socially-distant visit. I've never heard of Rancho Gordo - already found one recipe I'm going to try!

  10. When I saw the photo of your pancake biscuits, I thought they looked like scones. Strawberry jam to the rescue. I wonder how this era we are living thru will be viewed years from now. Really, who could have imagined what we have experienced the last several months. I spend most of my sewing time making fabric face masks for an animal rescue group fund raiser project. The group has raised $6,200 ($10 mask = 620 masks sold). I can't believe that I am making them and that people are buying them.

  11. Yes it is a food adventure! It is surprising what we can throw together to eat! :)