Sunday, April 26, 2020

Ahoy Mateys!

 It was wonderful to wake up yesterday without a headache. It was still pretty cold and dreary out so I spent the day in the downstairs craft room with Spiral Chicken with my little radiator going.

 The table I have my chicken friend set up on still had some room at the back end and I had this old project sitting in time out on a shelf.

It's the whale sampler I had started for my mom after she moved to the beach. She collected these cross stitch magazines and asked me if I would work on this one for her.

Look at that date. You could say I'm a little behind on getting it done.

In my defense at the same time she also asked me to stitch these lighthouses for her. She did the blue crab. Her new house was nautical themed as you can tell. She had a beautiful Bay view and a trailer right on the water. She loved her Chesapeake Bay.

 It took me a while to get reoriented to the pattern. The pattern in the book was yellow and crumbling. I copied it but there was a section missing. I figured I could work around those missing rows but then.....

...when I was checking in the magazine to see if this sampler had a name (it doesn't) I found the missing section still attached to the center of the magazine. I guess when I originally ripped it out I didn't do a very good job of it. I copied it and taped it all together. 1989. Wow. I didn't have a computer then nor a printer. I really wonder how I worked on anything like this back in the day. It must have been hard.


  1. I think those nautical themed projects are great and I'm glad you're working on the 1989 one again. I'm sure it will bring back good memories of your Mom. I love the Chesapeake Bay too. Mandy's house was only a block away from the Bay and we used to walk along it every time I visited her. I do miss that but not the humidity. :-)

  2. Boy! I remember those early days of stitching - no computer or ability to enlarge a chart. But, then, my eyes were much better way back then! I do love your spiral chicken!

  3. I loved that magazine. The ones now aren't worth buying anymore.

  4. Amazing that you still have the pattern and magazine. I vote that you work on that amazing chicken some more. Stay safe.

  5. I remember doing counted cross stitch from those days. I only have two projects that I have kept thru the past forty years. Spiral Chicken is looking good (but I love Rainbow Kitty).

  6. I used to get that magazine! So nice to find the whole pattern-so much better to work! I am so glad we have the internet to help us craft now!!!

  7. I don't know what I love more-That chicken, or the nautical themed pieces. I really like the crab and the whale sampler. I love my Chesapeake bay, as well. I miss seeing it.

  8. I had a subscription to that magazine and remember seeing that sampler!