Saturday, April 11, 2020

Passing the Time

Pup's got the right idea. The way to  get through this is to keep busy. She's actually driving me crazy. She was spoiled. Now she's spoiled rotten.

 I had to fight The Mister to move all the stuff off of the table we had downstairs where we sorted out our remodeling tools but after I did he's gone through three puzzles already. I hardly ever get to put a piece in. Jeesh.

 I've been making bath bombs. The white ones are coconut sprinkled with pink Himalayan sea salt. The blue ones are Tropical Vacation sprinkled with black sea salt. They smell wonderful. The only place I feel safe and clean anymore is in my tub so I'm spending a lot of time in there these days. As soon as the sun goes down I'm in for a scrubbing and soak. Then I hop into bed and stay up all night watching people do stuff on You Tube.

 I tuned up Paloma, my classical guitar. I haven't touched her since she got packed up for the big remodel but she's a great time killer so I dug her out. I don't actually play the guitar, I play with it. Big difference.

 I've been painting dots. Don't ask why. I just have. I've been filling this paper up with dots for three days now.

The Mister borrowed my card room and my spare goats to make a birthday card for the daughter of his nephew who is turning four.

 On nice days The Mister and I have been playing golf in the backyard. We play a tennis like game. He hits a ball to me and I hit it back. I spend a lot of time looking for my ball in the woods.

I also dug out my juggling gear and I have the bruised fingers to prove it. Yes, I juggle and I'm not half bad either. I used to impress the heck out of my first graders with my tricks. I learned early on that kids will do anything for you if they think you have magic powers and to a 6 year old juggling is magic.


  1. Oh my gosh! I love everything about this post! You have so many hidden talents. Guitar, juggling, tennis, golf and soap making. Just in this post. Then add in all of the other things you didn't mention here.
    I know lots of people are doing jigsaw puzzles right now. My sister has done several in the past couple of weeks.
    You're simply amazing. And, I love that the Mister makes cards for kids. Love, love, love it.

  2. Looks like you have been keeping busy in some pretty creative ways.

  3. Great post!!!! I like seeing how you are visiting old interests and brushing up on skills!
    Playing tennis with golf chips is very good for both of you!!! lol You had to amaze those kids for sure!

  4. Love puzzles, just starting a 2,000 piece one.
    also just started watching you tube, love, love liziqi channel, so pretty and calming.
    No hidden talents here, have just started painting flowers but I'm terrible so they are colorful and impressionistic! Crochet a lot, yarn is so forgiving. Oh, I can wiggle my ears if that counts as magic.

  5. You have so many wonderful hobbies and supplies to enjoy while staying safe at home. It is always fun to see what you are creating. Bet you were a favorite teacher with juggling skills.

  6. Playing golf in the we may have to resort to that!

  7. So much going on at your house! I love the blue of the bath bombs - it's really quite beautiful! I think I'll be ordering a puzzle this week because your is so pretty!