Sunday, April 5, 2020

Before and After

I just posted this photo of my newly cleared opening to my path into the woods last week. That was then.

This is now. The winds have died down so we got to go out and inspect the damage. It's actually two trees that came down. The other is in the creek just to the left. What a mess.

 That's not the worst thing to happen yesterday. Remember this photo I shared about what I thought was my clever plan to deal with our water situation?

We have to rely on bottled or use this outside spigot for filtering to bypass the water softener.

Just a few days ago I posted a heartfelt appreciation of the Vinca that covers my front beds. Let it live I proclaimed.

Hell no. The Vinca is covered in aphids which somehow turned my new water filtering pitcher into a hydroponic aphid farm that I only noticed AFTER I had used the water to make soup using my precious tiny stash of veggies. I was not amused. That sucker got cut way back today. Making things worse the filter itself was aphid filled and I couldn't get another one from Amazon until the end of the month. Now what? I have no idea. I've got my fingers crossed that my delivery on Monday will bring us some water but I won't get my hopes up.

Then there is this. My kitty litter stash is running out and I can't get any delivered in the near future so I am using the sawdust from the tree cutting adventure in one pan and regular litter in the other. The cats seem to love it but I'm sure this is just another hair brained idea that's going to bite me in the butt down the road. I'm just not cut out for this off grid stuff.


  1. Oh no, times three! I'm so sorry about the tree, the aphids and the kitty litter. This mess will never end.
    I just learned ten minutes ago that the grocery store that I did a pickup at on Tuesday had two employees test postive for the dreaded virus. Now I'm wondering if one of them picked out our groceries or loaded my car? I'm so tired of all of this.

  2. Oh, Betsy no... that's my biggest fear. I know you are careful with your deliveries so even if the worst is true your viral "load" would be minimal. Funny the things we are learning these days. First it was civics lessons, now it is epidemiology. I can't tell you how many medical papers I've read lately.

  3. You are doing splendidly. Soapy water will get rid of the aphids. Turn your filter upside down and rinse well, tap gently on hard surface and rinse again. A tiny aphid isn't going to hurt you , more protein.But, I bet they clog up the filter pretty badly. If you have any sand or small gravel the cats will also use that as litter. I see you have a stream, there should be small gravel or sand there.
    Have you started making masks and selling them on Etsy?

  4. It is indeed a very trying time. My grocery delivery service is so booked out I don't know when we can get another. I'm going to make masks today and may have to resort to senior shopping hours.
    The last time I ordered from Chewy, about two weeks ago, I was able to get litter. Would Walmart pickup have supplies as well?

  5. Oh noes! Though that kitty litter idea is brilliant, I think!
    I stocked up on litter when this whole thing started, just in case. Four cats need A LOT of litter!

  6. Oh, no! What an awful lot to deal with at one time (in addition to current environment). I spent an entire summer removing vinca (or perwinkle as some people refer to it) from my yard. The exterminator advised that it was not good to have it, particularly around the basement entrance, because it was a good cover for rodents. That was all it took and, every week for garbage pickup, I had a huge garbage can filled with what I had pulled out. Even after clearing it completely, thru the years, some would pop back up. Truly invasive. It sounds like you have a good backup for kitty litter. Hope you receive water in your next grocery delivery! What a disappointment that would have been to find your soup contaminated (which I am sure would have been delicious).

  7. Aphids I hate them...nasty little creatures. Hope things improve at your house soon:)

  8. oh dear! How frustrating for you. You have my sympathy. I am trying to get aphids out of my cabbages no no avail and yesterday I extricated 4 very fat and hungry green caterpillars that were hiding there. Holy Cabbage!