Monday, April 13, 2020

Making Do

  Making Easter dinner put me in a really bad mood. Even the last of my precious gin and tonic didn't help get me out of it. Trying to make a meal, any meal, out of our hodge podge of ingredients has not been fun. I had ordered noodles for the matzo ball soup I usually serve on Easter but we didn't get any so I tried to make my own. It sounded easy enough. It wasn't.

 In spite of rolling them out for what seemed like ages they were too thick. And chewy. They were yucky but we ate them. Mercifully the deviled eggs and the potato and zucchini latkes weren't too bad. A bit oily but edible. was certainly not a meal to remember.

For days The Mister has done nothing but talk about wanting a cupcake and we didn't get any from the bakery in our last grocery order so for a special dessert I tried to make some from scratch. Well....I'd never make it past the first round of that British baking show that's for sure. They were not that great but we ate them anyway.

To make matters worse my monthly Amazon subscription showed up just as we sat down to eat. Since it was getting ready to rain and they were calling for bad thunderstorms we had to eat fast and dash outside to do the whole clean/unclean tag team rigmarole that is getting pretty darn tiresome.

As soon as that mess was cleared up we had to move our sleeping stuff into the lower level as our phones alerted us to an overnight high wind threat. I slept in a chair while The Mister had the couch.
It certainly was an Easter to remember-for all the wrong reasons.


  1. Your food might have been a disappointment to you but it looks delicous in the picture. I'm sorry the day wasn't as you had planned it. It was ridiculously cold here considering how nice it was all week. Then wind and cold all weekend. 24F predicted for tonight. Dennis wants to know why it's nice while he's inside at work all week and then nasty when he's home.
    I hope tomorrow is better for you.

  2. The wind and rain last night were crazy! And it's still going on!! Sorry your meal wasn't what you had hoped for. From here it looks very good!

  3. Well, at least you had food in your belly and didn't get blown away in a tornado! Better days are coming.

  4. Well, your food certainly LOOKS good even if it wasn't that great! The cupcakes look cheery, and we all need a little of that! Happy belated Easter. Hopefully, we'll all have a cheerier one next year.

  5. Oh dear! But at least you had each other, and your health!
    One day, you'll look back on all this and laugh!

  6. I was going to comment on how delicious your food looked and then I read your post about being disappointed with the taste. There will be such unusual memories of Easter this year. The weather alert changed from tornado watch to tornado warning before I even got out the door to walk this morning. Fortunately, no tornado sighted in my immediate area and the sun is now out. Hope you have a good Easter Monday!

  7. Your food looks yummy! Glad you made it through the storms. They certainly were wild!