Thursday, April 16, 2020

ISO: Mojo

 I am still slogging away on my knitting projects but not really enjoying it. Pup has been a pain. The minute I sit down she has to be on my lap. Then within minutes I usually have a cat rubbing my leg and yowling for food. My critters are very tiresome at the moment. We all need a break from each other.

 I did finish the purple Mosi hat yesterday. I think I am over my Mosi obsession. The sweater has 16 more body pattern rows and then I get to rib the bottom. I am worried about rolling. I am always worried about rolling after my Soldotna disaster.

 The man socks are this big. My new rule is that all  man socks from now on will be stripes. I can knit stripes all day.

 The twofers are at the heel. I haven't had the brain power to pick up the gussets yet. It takes some figuring and a bit of knitting gymnastics.

I did manage to wind up the latest handspun and download a pattern for a scarf but that's as far as it's gotten. What I should be doing is packing up my winter knits-not add to them.

 This is really all I want to do. I've got a addictive puzzle going on the dining table upstairs.........

.....and The Mister has this 1000 piece monster going on in the lower level. And this from someone who fought me about even getting a puzzle going in the first place. I had to put out one of my own just so I could get a piece in.


  1. Yeah for puzzles, I have been tempted to start one but we have been busy with other stuff:) Love your finished hat and yes I like stripes for socks too:)

  2. I like both of your puzzles. It looks like you're getting a lot of knitting done. I haven't picked up my needles in several days. I've colored on my iPad and did a little cross-stitch on the sheep virtues. I just can't seem to concentrate on anything.

  3. I had just been thinking of pulling out a puzzle, but I don't have a good place right now. Mosi is gorgeous and I love your latest man socks - the blues are so pretty (handsome).

  4. Love your knits! The striped socks are a good knit on a gut level, aren't they?! Nice finish on the hat--gift or for yourself? I had a great laugh over the puzzle ownership! I wish my guy would do one with me!

  5. Oh my goodness - is that a Madam Alexander doll puzzle? I had a huge collection of those dolls when I was a kid. Love your Mosi and the man socks. I'm also a big fan of knitting striped socks. Striped anything really. The stripes keep me interested.

    1. It is which makes it so hard because they all have pretty much the same face.

  6. Each of your knitting projects is just beautiful. I have been making fabric face masks for donation. Mindless sewing and hopefully will help someone. I think my cats are ready for me to be gone some during the day.

  7. I've been working on puzzles, too. I have a stash in the garage. The hat is gorgeous! I can knit self-striping yarn faster than any other. The stripes keep me motivated to knit, and knit, and knit.

  8. I LOVE those hats!! They are each a masterpiece . Go puzzle...its ok!