Thursday, April 9, 2020

Testing, Testing......

Way back in December I was on a quest to make 100% olive oil soap.

 Soap made with only olive oil is called Castile soap and it's tricky.

 I got a bar that, sad. I was disappointed.

So I made it again using a lighter olive oil and got something much prettier. I put all the bars away because they have to cure for 6 months to a year as it's a very soft soap and needs the extra time to harden.

Well......curiosity got the better of me the other night so I snatched up one of the sad bars and tried it out. It's only been 4 months but it was.......WONDERFUL. People, this is the best soap EVER. I let The Mister try my bar in his shower and he wouldn't give it back. It lathers like whipped cream and filled my tub with long lasting, thick, creamy bubbles. If Amazon sends me my monthly olive oil delivery I am going to be making more. Lots more. Ya'll need to try this. I'm going to be making  enough for everybody. Hopefully by the time it cures in a year we'll all be back to normal. Dare I even say it?


  1. Isn't it great when a project comes together even BETTER than you thought it would? Yay for bubbly soap.

  2. It looks and sounds wonderful. I don't think those bars look sad at all. Oh I hope things are much better way, way, way before a year.

  3. I TOTALLY AGREE with you that olive-oil soap is the BEST! I have skin issues and also wash my hands frequently. Olive oil soap is very kind on hands (as is goats milk). The benefit of olive oil soap is that it is EXCELLENT and getting rid of grease and dirt. I am a keen gardener and tinkerer and the olive oil soap does the best job. Can I order some from you?

    1. As soon as I can safely go into a post office I'll be having another giveaway and I'll include the Castile in the choices. I'll have goat and olive oil this time around. I just can't make any promises as to when that will be. Our governor just declared us a hot spot yesterday. 60 cases in our little county. Ugh.

  4. Nice! From the looks of your picture it looks wonderful!

  5. Beautiful! Now I see why this has been a soap of 'ladies' for hundreds of years! I can just imagine the bubbles and smooth feel of the soap!

  6. Patience is definitely required to wait 6-12 months for curing. Sounds wonderful and I think the soap looks wonderful - especially the photo of the wet soap with all the bubbles.