Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Hoooo Boy.....

 We finally got our long awaited grocery delivery yesterday and it was quite the workout. Our gloved and masked delivery lady piled it all up in the back of the pickup for us so we could take our time sorting it out. We could see right away it was a lot more stuff than had showed up last time.

The Mister and I worked as a team. He's the clean person and I'm the dirty one. I haul and wash and then he dries and puts it away. Everything gets a bath. Everything.

 I was over the moon to have scored three gallons of water. I've been rationing them to a third of a gallon a day so this should keep me alive for another nine days at least.

 The Mister was overjoyed to find meat in the bags. We had a rather sketchy roast-which was better than nothing and......

 .....two packages of decent hamburger. I hate dealing with frozen raw meat so it was all cooked and then frozen. I don't eat meat but I have to admit that the house smelled wonderful.

 There were eggs......

....and milk. They even had some soy milk. I usually get a shipment of soy from Amazon each month but they just informed me it was now unavailable.

Even better than milk......we got ice cream! We couldn't get any last time and were very happy to have it even if it was just plain vanilla.

 I've got fresh veggies galore. Asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, zucchini and squash......

....and a giant green pepper. I had to look up how to freeze it because I don't want to waste it. In fact, all that produce is making me nervous. I need to use it up before it goes bad. I am thinking I'll be making a big pot of minestrone tomorrow since I've still got a few of last week's carrots and celery to use up.

 I had seven (!) Chewy orders show up over the weekend. I get a monthly delivery but that didn't show up on time so I panic ordered even more. Now I have a lot. We take it all out of the packaging outside and then put it in clean boxes all over the living room.

 A couple of my old kitchen wall cabinets that we took down have been put to good use to store even more pet food. I think the critters are set for a while.

Pup doesn't think so. She remembers how panicked I was when I couldn't get any dry food delivered. Now she's standing guard on what did arrive. We took the new food out of their bags and poured it into the old bags that I use for feeding the foxes and other outdoor critters. They sadly are on their own for the duration. I'm sorry but the food that is now in those bags cost me an arm and a leg-and a whole lot of worry.


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you got your grocery order. I can hear the relief in your written words. You're right, your living room looks like PetSmart! :-). You are definitely a wonderful pet Mama.

  2. Ha! Betsy is right - looks like PetSmart! Seriously though, I'm so glad your order came through and contained so many GOOD things!

  3. Its funny how the animals pick up on our emotions.
    I'm still going to the grocery store (every two weeks, which was pretty much my norm), which is good, because apparently, they've been inundated with online shoppers and delivery/pick up times are a full month out. They were not at all prepared for the surge in demand.

  4. Yes, agree with Betsy. You sound relieved, good for you.

  5. Yeah for groceries and critter food too! :)

  6. Oh, it definitely looks like a pet store. I know you have/feed quite a few cats though. I knew that Chewy orders were taking longer to ship so I pulled in the date of my autoships for food and insulin supplies. I wore a mask and went to Walmart at 6:00 this morning for senior shopping. What an experience. I was fortunate enough to get toilet paper and paper towels. Everyone waited in line for entrance at appropriate distances. Once inside, I just grabbed what I needed, checked out and was in my vehicle leaving in less time than I waited in line.

  7. Happy that you got so much water and all the other items - I am trying hard not to feed my very bad habit of fretting about things, food being one of the those. My OH also had to go into a pharmacy to pick up some meds for me but he actually wore a mask for which I was so thankful. I truly hope I carry some good habits through when all this is done but one that I'd love to lose is the worry habit. OH actually grabbed a few chocolate bars for me when he picked up my meds - either he's very scared of being cooped up with me without it or he's super-thoughful --- I'm voting for the second!

  8. Bravo on winning the grocery lottery!

  9. Glad you got a lot of goodies and I totally get about the stress ordering from Chewy's.

  10. I'm wondering about the rationale behind ordering bottled water. Is there a threat to your water supply or ...? I hope you that your human food supply is as well stocked as your critters' supply!
    Isn't the whole washing EVERYTHING a chore! My shopping days now take ALL day.
    Wishing you safety and sanity! :-)

    1. We have a well and our water, while safe to drink, smells and tastes like rotten eggs. We run it through a fancy water softener system that includes chlorine so we can't drink it just use it for bathing and cleaning. I hate the bottle water thing but it's the best I can do. Even run through a filter system the water is not safe to drink as we can't get the salt content out. It's such a giant pain.