Saturday, April 18, 2020

Carding Weather

I may not have a fleece to wash but I do have one that needs carding. I came to the end of the batts I had made during last year's Tour. 

 I've got two half filled bobbins and could use a bit more to spin before I ply them.  I've already got two skeins of it intended for socks and I need it all spun before I can dye them.

It's a very nice California Red fleece courtesy of Miss Trinidad.

 It's one of the nicest fleeces I have ever washed. It was clean and bouncy but not exactly the softest-that's why it will be socks.

It was a chilly day, bright and breezy which is perfect for cranking the drum carder. I like a bit of wind to keep the dried bits out of my face. I got two nice batts out of it. One is in storage and the other has been pulled into nests. Now if it would just warm up again I'd pull the wheel out onto the deck and make a day of it.


  1. Oooh, that's a beautiful batt of wool. I seem to remember Trinidad, but then, my memory stinks anymore so who really knows? :-). My fingers itch to spin again but I fear I never will with my back issues. I'll just have to enjoy watching your yarn appear on the wheel.

  2. Surely it will get warm soon. I think we'd all be a lot happier if we could get outside more.

  3. What a wonderful change of project day! I hope you get many more opportunities to work on the deck before hot and humid days arrive. I treasure these days even when it is a little chilly.

  4. Oh, that looks so lofty and white! Nice job on the carding! White might be boring to spin but just wait until the fun of dyeing!

  5. It sure looks soft and fluffy! Hope you get some warmer weather soon. I've been spending time on the deck while wearing a jacket. Not something I've ever enjoyed before.