Friday, July 1, 2016


 My July card kit is here but before I show it off let's look at the last of the cards from the June kit.

 This month was all about flowers and I have cut, colored and pasted plenty.

 I finished off the kit by using my new stitched circle dies. This is a knock off card from the inspiration page that comes with the kit. It was also the first time I used the actual paper materials that came with the kit. I don't know why but I hate to use up the new pretty papers so I usually go stash diving in the scrap pile. Last night, with the new kit sitting there looking at me, I said "why not" and went for it.

This is another of the inspiration cards using the actual materials from the kit. It took forever to cut out all those branches and teeny tiny flowers but it was worth it. I love this card.

 Voila....the new kit. It's all about-FLOWERS. Yes, more flowers. It's my third floral kit in four months.  Sigh.

 I was hoping for something more Fourth of July. Oh, well. I really do like flowers and some of the inspiration cards are gorgeous.

Those kits are really starting to pile up. I'm going to have to clear another shelf.


  1. Lovely! Flowers are beautiful any time of the year.

  2. Your cards are SO amazingly beautiful!

    One of these days I might just have to give card making a try.

  3. They probably thought that by the time you got it, it was past the fourth!
    Yes, the flowers could get boring but you are trying new techniques at least!

  4. I love your cards. Oh my gosh. How fun!!!!
    FLowers are never boring

  5. Your cards are amazing. It's like receiving a miniature work of art.