Saturday, July 16, 2016

TdF Week 2

 You can't even enjoy the Tour without mayhem and tragedy.  I have to say that the events in Nice on Bastille Day took the wind out of my sails a bit. The sight of Chris Froome running up the hill in the crush of insane spectators didn't help either. That's a perfect storm for trouble. You know it's probably just a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt.

 In spite of it all, things are getting spun. I've got lots of winding off to do with all the little drop spindles.

Better yet, there is plying to be done. I may just get on that podium after all this year. I've even surprised myself.


  1. Hi Araignee... My late husband LOVED the Tour, he rode the Triple Bypass in CO...Interesting year at the tour.I love your blog.

  2. Yippee; spinning beauty, it's what we do.
    (even in the midst of such ugliness in that ideology)

  3. I for one will be the first to put on a yellow dress and kiss your cheek!

  4. Thank goodness for spinning,eh?! There's so much violence in the world today that I find myself spending even more time in my spinning room(and that's saying something) away from the TV.

  5. Looks like you accomplished a whole lot of spinning! Nice work.