Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Homespun Handknit

 During the TdF I like to spend my knitting time with handspun projects.  That means that I found the time to get the bottom ribbing done on the Featherweight.

 Now it's on to the sleeves. I'm starting to worry about how those stripes are going to work out going down my arm. Of course I didn't plan ahead so this could get interesting.

 My wonky scrap fiber hat is done. Almost.

 Now I have to line it. I am using some orphan Vanna acrylic to knit the liner.

It was a bear to pick out all those provisional stitches. I used the crochet method but something went horribly wrong. It took me forever to go one by one and untangle each blessed stitch. I'm even sorrier to say that I tried it on and it makes my head look like a giant psychedelic mushroom. Oh, well . You can't win'em all.


  1. I laughed out loud at your comment about a mushroom head! Funny! I really like your featherweight. It's absolutely gorgeous. Here's hoping the stripes work out well for you. :-)

  2. Psychedelic mushroom head is too, too funny. Your featherweight is gorgeous - love those colors. I've started so many sweaters...but seem to have difficulty finishing them. Socks go so much faster!

  3. The sweater is looking great! Hang in there for the sleeves. The hat will work out, too, I'm sure.

  4. I love the hat and the liner is going to make it nice and toasty warm come skating season!

  5. Love the colors on your sweater! The hat is fun, too.

  6. Oh NO! I love the wonky hat. I hope it finishes well. Provisional is a pain

  7. The featherweight looks awesome and I love that you line your hats! Provisional cast on though ... wow. you're my hero.

  8. I hate it when that cast on fails, because when it does it is a massive fail and takes almost as long to pick up the stitches as it does to knit the hat.