Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Soap

This is the last of my beloved Mediterranean Fig fragrance. It's my all time favorite scent. I made seven bars and I'm hiding a few from myself because I always end up giving it all away. This was just another pour it in the pot and stir batter. Easy peasy pie and always interesting.

 I've also got the last of the beachy smells that's been sitting for a while in the mold while it waited for me to have time to cut it. You can't see it but it has pink sea salt on the top mixed in with the glitter.

 It was another try at the butterfly technique thing but this time I was looking to make something a bit fishy for a beach theme.

Hmmmm......maybe I see a fish? This batter thickened up so quickly that I'm lucky I got any swirls at all.

I'm afraid time's up for summer fragrances. Those two won't be cured until the end of August so when I find the time to make more soap it will have to be fall scents. These two fragrance oils came in my last supply order. They should be fun to design a soap around. Oh, the possibilities....


  1. Beautiful soaps again! Ooh! Baby powder scent. I LoVe the smell of baby powder. It will be fun to see what you come up with.

  2. I can see fish and even a bird!

  3. Very cool soap this time-I think the 'fish' looks like the lionfish from the back! lol

  4. Your soaps are amazing! Your fig one looks good enough to eat!

  5. Soap making sounds VERY challenging!!! But, oh so pretty!

    The blue one reminds me of a dress my friend wore to her son's wedding. LOL

    Fall will be here before we know it and you'll be breaking out the new scents!

  6. I see an hummingbird, I think you should call it hummingbird soap!

  7. I adore your soaps, such amazing marbling effects, really must have a go sometime !

  8. Baby-powder scent!?! my favourite!
    (and i see a fish.. though he's kind of a mutant koi....:)