Saturday, July 2, 2016

Le Grand Depart 2016

Two of my wheels have been sitting empty for a while waiting for this day. Usually it's met with great excitement but truthfully this year I am a little ho hum.

I had to take a tour of the fiber stash to line up some projects but even that didn't rejuvenate my spinning mojo.

What I found was interesting enough. I've got some mystery fleece dyed with pokeberries. The hand is for color balance. My camera won't record pink or red without my hand in the shot. Crazy.

I have to admit I enjoyed tearing up those batts and turning them into nests for spinning. I always like that part of the process.

 I'm still working my way through Finley, the Shetland.

I've got a lot I should be doing with all this washed fiber but it's too buggy out. I need a screened in porch.

 The Ladybug will be spinning this superwash Merino that's been in the stash for ages.

Of course I still have the fiber from the MDSW to get through. It's been sloooow going.

Last but not least, I will be playing with this cotton I picked up at the SVFF last fall. I watched a lot of videos on spinning cotton lately so I think I'm up to it. We'll see.....
Vive le Tour!


  1. Grand plans! Wish you to win the tour.

  2. I am off, too! As soon as we start spinning, the mojo will come back and we will be glad for all the yarn we will revel in at the end of this event! You have some lovely fibers!

  3. Spinning cotton sounds interesting. There are quite a few cotton fields down here by me. I'm thinking I should give that a try.

  4. Such beautiful rovings. Have a great Tour De Fleece!

  5. Bon Chance! I always love seeing the end results of this fleecy Tour!

  6. Lots of pretty fibers to keep you company during the Tour. I'll be spinning along too. Enjoy!

  7. You have some beautiful fiber to work with. I do miss my spinning but could never ask Hubby for another wheel after I sold my last one because I didn't use it enough. I'm looking forward to your beautiful creations from these gorgeous rovings.

  8. Your fiber is so gorgeous, I wish I could spin but have to not include that on my list of things to do right now, knitting, crocheting and weaving are enough! Oh there is work and Little Buddy too!