Monday, July 25, 2016

TdF 2016: Post Race Wrap Up

 Bear with me here. I took a lot of pictures yesterday during the last stage and none of them make any particular sense but I liked them all so I'm using them. I started getting ready to document this year's projects while Froomey and team enjoyed their victory beer at the start of the last day of racing.

The jets were early this year. I almost missed them. This is a crap shot of the stuff but just look at those planes. So close and so precise. Right down the Champs d'Elysee. Zoom. It was a hair raising moment.

 Of course I had to have a photo of all my stuff with the golden Joan of Arc. I look forward to seeing her every year. Not as much as the riders do though, I'm sure.

 Here is the ply on the fly mini skein. It's about an ounce. It was all the spindle would hold. I doubt it's enough for a mitt. I'll have to start another. As soon as my hands recover.

 With the peloton as a backdrop, here are the spindle single collections. The cotton in the back center is all this year's Tour, the rest were started earlier. Some were begun three Tours ago. I do take my time.

Speaking of the cotton, here it is. That's all the Spindolyn would hold before it started getting all unruly. I'm not sure yet if the cotton is going to let me add to it like wool does but that's an adventure for another day.

 Here is Joan again with the finished skeins. Right now Finley and Mr. Ply on the Fly are drying in the hot sun on the deck.

Whoosh. The riders fly by. Time is almost up. The group is back together for a final photo or two or three.

 Froomey has it. That must feel good. I know I am glad to be done but I also know I'll be sad in the morning. I think I have a crush on Phil Liggett.

The wheels are all empty. I'll have to console myself planning new projects and digging through the fiber stash.

The spindles are all empty too but I know what's going on them. More of the same but I'm not complaining.
Congrats to everyone who participated this year. It was a wild ride-as always!

PS: To those who commented about getting a peek at my stash yesterday. Hahahahaha....what's on those shelves is just a tiny drop in the bucket. If you only knew!


  1. What an achievement! You win!

  2. Yay!!!! Glad you had such a productive time! I love the photos as they remind me of walking on the Champs d'Elysee with my sweet husband and dodging traffic. Great memories.

  3. What a great tour ending post! I love what you produces-that cotton is superb!
    About the stash-we know you don't do things by halvies!!!! lol

  4. You did so well! Cheers Applause applause. Love them all especially the little skeins. They will declare themselves winners in some way. All yarn is not steroidal!!

  5. Empty Wheels?!?! :0 LOL! I always feel better when mine are full. That cotton looks lovely. I need to try spinning some....notice I said need. LOL