Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday Soap and a Big Thank You!

 I'm still working my way through the fragrances that will expire in the near future. Coffee was one of those so I finished the bottle off with some simple layers and lots of coffee grounds.

 Farmer's Market was another fragrance I really liked so I wanted to get the most out of it before it too was headed for the bin.

 I spent most of my soap time this week wrapping.

  I went a little overboard this past month and now I have to do something with it all. This is just a small sample of what I ended up with after this last cure. I've got another one coming up this week. All those false butterflies will be ready to go. Yikes.

I've been taking a basket of soap pretty much wherever I go to get rid of it.  Even The Mister took a bag of it on a sailing adventure this week and managed to get rid of a lot. We are at Daughter's today for a cookout so I am hoping to unload a bunch more there. I can hear it now. Look out. Here comes the crazy soap lady.

 Late yesterday afternoon a big FedEx truck made its way down my driveway and dropped off this big box.

Whoa.....thank you Blueloom for the great stash enhancers. I was speechless when I opened the box. I see lots and lots of dishtowel fun in my future!


  1. I LOVE my soaps from you! I wish I lived near you - I'd come and buy some all of the time. :-)

  2. That first soap photo looks good enough to eat --- chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting comes to mind.

  3. Your soaps are wonderful, you should be selling them! Beautiful yarn, what a gift.

  4. The coffee soaps remind me of a layered cake. Your packaging is as pretty as your soaps.

  5. You make so many people happy and... clean!

  6. That coffee soap looks like chocolate cake to me! Ha! I'm sure everyone loves your soap. My husband comments on the smell of the soap you sent me almost daily. I know he'll be disappointed when it's gone. :-)

  7. Like Dee, I thought that first soap was cake at first glance. Maybe this is why they call it a cake of soap? LOL I've been kind of out of touch lately as we had lots of unexpected company.

  8. I love the soap, Farmer's Market; very beautiful colors. Have a good day and share that soap! (Nice pkg of cotton for weaving!