Monday, July 18, 2016

Pucker Up

 Okay kathyb, here it is. My moment on the podium.

 Where's my kiss?

 Two skeins down. One to go. The top one is mystery fiber dyed with pokeberries. It was a miserable spin and it's a pretty terrible yarn. I have no one to blame but me because I washed the fleece and carded it. It was full of lumps and bumps and I hated every minute of it. I'm not sorry to see the end of it.  The bottom skein is a commercially prepared merino and unlike my nasty pokeberry friend, it was a complete joy to work with.

 Uh, oh. That's not the pokeberries. That's the roving I bought bleeding all over the place.

 There's my dye job. Not bad. There was just a little pink in the water so both got a warm soak in vinegar which cleared them right up. They're both drying on the rack at the moment. I'll have better mugshots later.

 Now I have two empty wheels that are going to stay that way until after the Tour. I'm spun out and I still have Finley on the Traditional to finish. I had to card more fleece yesterday because I was all out.

Unlike that terrible pokeberry fiber I massacred, Finely is a fabulous spin proving that I can actually wash a decent fleece when I have a decent fleece to wash. I'm coasting on the next week of the Tour. I have all those spindles to deal with and....I keep having to remind myself-there is spinning after the Tour. I can finish all this up during the Olympics. Right?


  1. Wow, beautiful skeins of yarn finished! (loud clapping!) I love the color of the poke berry yarn even if it wasn't a joy to spin. I'm running out of fiber and stamina for the spinning, too. It is a good exercise, though, and I enjoy it!

  2. The pokeberries made such a pretty colour though!

  3. Sure. You'll need lots to do during the Olympics. They are on almost 24 hours a day.

  4. Mwah mwah Mwah. ONe kiss, cheek cheek cheek.
    I like Finley

  5. I love photos with the Tour in the background! Excellent work!

  6. I definitely think you deserve the yellow jersey and a big glass of champagne.