Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Different Direction

 After spending last night and this morning spinning I needed to do something different.

 I had tons of soap to wrap and card stuff to play with.

 It's hot out. Really hot so my little popsicle stamp and die set was just what I needed.

Cute, huh?

That pile of soap that cured this week wasn't going to wrap itself so I had that to attend to.

Ta dah. It's a wrap.

That pretty butterfly soap was a problem though. It was too pretty to cover in my usual paper band and big label so I had to get creative.  Clear wrap with a raffia tie worked as did turning the label into a tag. Good golly I have a lot of soap again. I no sooner unload it and more is ready to go. It's a good thing I have a ladies lunch next week or else I'd have to start dropping it off on people's doorsteps and running.


  1. You have an exotic batch of soaps there. Bet it smells fabulous!

  2. I absolutely love your little popsicles. So very cute! And perfect for the season. The humidity here is 100% at the moment but its not raining!

  3. Ha! The card and tags are very clever! Nice work!

  4. Sweet little card. Makes me cooler just to look at it. :-) I can't believe how much soap you made! It's amazing to me. And your wrapping is just as beautiful as the soap.

  5. ALL of the soaps are pretty! The tag idea was brilliant!

    I know your luncheon ladies will love their little gifties!

  6. RUnning!_ ??? Do you have a farmers market you could sell soap at once in awhile.Yours is so lovely and smells so awesome...why not profit?

  7. Your mysterious soap must be far more appreciated than those gigantic phantom zucchinis! Love the popsicles; Stella just got a "popsicle" decorated shirt from her Uncle.

  8. Your cards and soap wraps are the best.
    We had friends over on the weekend and they admired your soap (I have some in the powder rooms for hand washing) so I let them take a few home from the box I had under the sink - they absolutely loved them!