Saturday, July 9, 2016

TdF Week One

There's been lots of spinning. I have two bobbins from the wheels done and a whole lot of other bits and pieces in progress.

That plying on the fly is still a wonky mess but it's fun.

 I've got a lot more of the MDSW fiber on the bobbin I'm collecting it on.

 These are going slowly but surely.  I like all the different challenges but I am stretched a bit thin timewise not to mention what's going on with my hands. They are about to stage a revolt. I am looking forward to Monday's rest day.


  1. Wow! You did get a LOT of spinning done. Love the green. :-)

  2. Fun fibers....I love seeing all the spindles!

  3. I think you get the yellow jersey for now, well done! Hope your hands stay healthy.

  4. Nice work on the spinning! Wish you were close enough for a private lesson.

  5. I forgot about those very important rest days!
    Your spinns are admirable.
    I got a hand massage, complimentary with my haircut today. The person doing it said my hands were very tense. I told him I was knitting with big yarn.....he was intrigued

  6. So many pretty colors. That green is so deep and vivid.

    Enjoy your day of rest. Sounds like you'll be needing it.

  7. Drop spindling fascinates me, but I don't think I'd ever have the patience.