Tuesday, July 26, 2016

So How Hot is it?

 It's too damn hot but there is a bright side. The heirloom tomatoes and basil seem to love the hot weather and oh, my they make a nice sandwich on a whole grain artisan baguette. This has been breakfast, lunch and dinner since the heatwave took over on Friday.

I allow myself a glass of sangria with frozen fruit at noon on any day the heat index is over 100. It helps. I know we have AC but there is still something oppressive about the "heat dome" sitting on top of you regardless. It sucks the spirit right out of you.

Knowing how much I hate the heat, the Mister surprised me with these mini ice creams. Me and ice cream have not been on speaking terms for a while but a tiny spoonful in a tiny cone is just enough.
Yeah...it's going to be a long summer-but it's not all bad.


  1. We will be crabbing about winter soon enough....I try to make friends with the heat now! (A/C is the secret!)

  2. We don't have the stifling humidity that you have there, but we have had temperatures in the 90s this week and I don't like it one little bit. The older I get, the less well I tolerate the heat. Thank goodness for the lake. I spent several hours in it yesterday. Love your little ice cream's. What a thoughtful husband. Stay cool my friend. Blessings, Betsy

  3. I feel you on the heat....but, I think you have had it even worse than here in Florida. Hope the ice cream helps.

  4. We had bread fruit and cheese dinner last night. Too hot here too.
    Ice cream and I , sigh, not even on maintenence. YAsso makes a ice cream bar that I can have for 4 points. THey are mint chip, sea salt caramel etc. They do satisfy my need for a cold ice cream treat on the porch.

  5. After moving away from that freezing cold weather back there in the middle of no where all I wanted to do was spend the rest of my life thawing out here in the south.....needless to say I'm pretty well thawed out!