Friday, July 15, 2016


 See that empty spot? That's where my impatiens used to be.


They are all shriveling and disappearing at an alarming rate.

 I've still got a few left but they are also starting to show signs of the dreaded downy mildew that has been devastating impatiens in the US for a few years now. I had no idea. I haven't planted any in ages so I was surprised when these usually reliable garden staples just suddenly collapsed and died. So sad.

 I've been replacing them with geraniums and zinnia. They seem to be doing well.

They say begonias are also a good choice for a replacement plant. They are immune to the blight.

Oh a happier note, we are getting nice little harvests from the garden The Mister is tending at his mom's.

Kale and chard sauteed in garlic and crushed red peppers is my idea of a good time.

PS: Thanks for putting in all your two cents yesterday. I am very happy to know I am not the only one who turns into a clean freak when visitors come a-knockin'!


  1. I had no idea blight was hitting impatiens this year. That's so sad. I have pansies, geraniums and marigolds planted this year and I love zinnia's and wish I had planted some of those. Maybe next year. Your garden haul looks delicious.

  2. I take it personally when flowers die! I'm glad the other flowers are doing well-oh, so pretty! Yum to the vegetables sauteed!

  3. Begonias are an excellent choice....even I can grow those. I have so little shade here that I went with geraniums this year. Your veggies look amazing.

  4. Your new flowers look perfect! I love zinnias. They are such happy colors.

  5. My first zinnia bloomed for the new people. The others should start in a few weeks. They get moldy too. Begonias are a very good idea. I may do that

  6. That's a shame. But at least you have something to fill the spots.
    We're having a terrible year for bug-eaten plants. Everyone I know is having issues.
    My tomato crop is not good at all!

  7. I'd never heard that about impatiens. How sad! Here the slugs are the ones to watch out for, and oh yes, the bunnies and deer.

  8. I had the same problem with impatiens a few years ago. I did switch to begonias and have had no trouble with them!

  9. No impatiens here the deer like to eat them, my garden is a mess, full of weeds and plants that can't take this heat.