Thursday, July 14, 2016

Taking Sides

 Please help me settle an argument. If your Mister told you at 10 pm that his brother and his wife was dropping by the next day for a visit how would you react? What if he told you at 8 am that some of his old work friends would be stopping by around noon? This happend to me twice this week and I freaked. He thought I was being silly.

 We all know it's the TdF so my house is a mess. Fuzzy dust bunnies are all over the place.

My dining table is buried.

I am building this in the living room. In other words....the place is a wreck from weeks of neglect.

 Much to his dismay I put us both to work making the place presentable. He grumbled about it the whole time saying no one expects a clean house when they come to visit. I disagree. Strongly.

There wasn't an inch that didn't get a good scrubbing. Even the tree crud on the outdoor furniture got rubbed out. Ick. would you have handled these last minute visits? Do you tidy up or say the heck with it? I should also tell you that none of the visitors ended up showing for one reason or another. Grrrr......
I should also add that today is our anniversary.
Happy anniversary Mister. If the worse thing we have to fight about is cleaning the house-it's all good.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! I do the same thing when I'm going to get visiters. It's a good way to get the house clean. LOL Although it's a bummer that they didn't come then.....all that work and you can't even show it off. LOL

  2. Oohhh.....I would be LIVID!!! Being that housecleaning is my least favorite thing to do; and when there's stuff all over the place from my spinning and whatnot, would never happen again when these people were planning to visit. They'd have to take it as it is!! I feel your pain. Happy Anniversary. He owes you a great day...BIG time!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Yup, I'd be pissed off and would make him do a bunch of cleaning. And, I agree, if all you have to fight about is house cleaning, you are in a very good spot. Enjoy your day together!!

  4. If someone is coming to our house for the very first time, we clean everything to within an inch of its life. After that, we clean up but make no gargantuan effort.

    However, if I find out someone is coming at the last minute and the house is not even picked up, I'm really annoyed.

    In any case, have a Happy Anniversary!

  5. That's true-if this is the worst then it is all good! He must feel that his house is fine the way it is so it doesn't bother him-that's good.
    That said, I like more of a warning but my house is always clean but I am usually in my lounging clothes so I like the warning to get ready-at least half an hour! lol
    The only time I get miffed is when he wants company for eats and hasn't given enough warning. A good clean together is great-nothing like bonding time!

  6. I am with you on that's definitely not much notice. But for me - the level of cleanliness depends on the friend. If you come to my house and it's spotless, we are acquaintances at best. If you come to my house, and it's mostly clean but slightly lived in, you're a friend. If you come to my house and there's still underwear on the bathroom floor - you know I absolutely love you!

  7. I'd react just like you -- panic followed by a flurry of cleaning , which I would not do alone!
    Actually, I have some close friends I don't clean for, but that's about it!

  8. I think it's very little notice if your place is in a non normal state. My normal state is hot mess, and only allow as Wandering Cat put it so well -- only those I absolutely love over. Yet I still believe in making the bare minimum effort. Scrub the toilet and sink -- the bathroom is the place people will use, I can close the door to the bedrooms. Also pick up the floor in shared space and do the dishes and clean off the kitchen table which is our only available dining/eating space. (we have no dining room) I'm team Araignee all the way. My husband and son are the same, they say, "What our friends are here to see us, they don't care." Um yeah, but I do. just a small effort ... please? You got down and dirty in the clean! Happy Anniversary to you both! You're a great team :)

  9. HaPpY AnNiVeRsArY! I do like more notice than that when people are coming by. We have people drop in all of the time though, so the house is usually okay. Maybe some dog hair here and there on the floor because no matter how much I dust mop, the hair seems to be there. She's like Pigpen, (only with hair instead of dirt,) in the old Charlie Brown comics. I agree though, if that's the worst of it, you've got it pretty good my friend.

  10. Happy
    Anniversary! I guess the good news is that your house is clean and you had help getting it that way. I agree, it's nice to have some notice for guests, and you found a great solution to getting it done!

  11. I would have done the EXACT SAME THING!!! LOL

    Happy anniversary --- yep, if that's the big issue you've got it made. Hope you have many more happy years together.

  12. I am glad he helped, he should after those last minute invites. I am a firm believer your house should be picked up and clean if someone visits.