Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day Tripping

Since there was no Tour de France yesterday, The Mister and I took off on a little adventure.

 We didn't go too far. We went south to the bayside park near the nuclear power plant. It's a long hike to the beach but the cliffs are worth the trek.

 The path winds through almost two miles of wetlands.

 It was a beautiful day for a walk. It's been in the 90's but yesterday it barely made it to 80 with low humidity.

 The lilies were all in bloom.

 It seemed to take forever but eventually the bay was peeking at us through the trees.

The view did not disappoint. 

 There is not much beach but it was filled with people combing through the sand for fossils.

 I just wanted to wade through the waves. The water was very warm and the cool breeze was just what we needed after the long walk.

 It was the first time Pup went in the water. She was not too impressed.

Her favorite part was our stop for lunch on the way home. Who doesn't love french fries?


  1. What a gorgeous beach. Well worth that trek, especially with such nice weather.

  2. A wonderful day trek! It would be hard to leave to leave that beach...

  3. What fun! My husband has found fossilized sharks teeth there. Perfect weather too!

  4. Wow is that a lovely spot! And how nice that it was such a pretty day.

    (I'm with the pup on French fries ...)

  5. I try to avoid McDonalds, except when I'm on the road. Those french fries are a great snack then.

  6. Beautiful beach photos! And Pup is such a little cutie pie!

  7. A beautiful place for a walk. We got a brief break from the humidity too, but now it's back. Bleh.
    And I'm with pup - bring on the French Fries!

  8. YOU on the beach is the best picture!!! Glad you got some water times! wahoooo

  9. What a lovely place to walk! I LOVE the photo of the water lilies.

  10. How nice to have such a pretty place to walk nearby! I love the beach.

  11. It sounds like a beautiful day.