Saturday, July 23, 2016

Running Out of Road

 Oh dear, time is almost up. One more day is all there is in this year's Tour. Those three weeks went by fast didn't they?

 I had another finish yesterday. While I was watching the riders slipping and sliding all over the wet tarmac I finished up two bobbins of Finley the Shetland. The crashes yesterday were hard to watch. What a day.

Finley is far from finished. I have bags and bags of the stuff plus more fiber in the shed.

 Good thing because he is going to be Fair Isle Tam someday.

This one to be exact. Maybe not in those colors though. There's a lot of really pretty ones on Ravelry for inspiration.

 I am also running out of room on the big drop spindle for the wonky ply on the fly yarn. It is so heavy I am using it like a support spindle using a glass.

 It looks like the dog's breakfast but I love this project.

I am also still loving the cotton. It too is wonky but it will look great as an accent in some weaving. The best part is that I can spin cotton in bed at night while I am getting my Netflix fix. There is no muss or fuss with cotton. I love it.

It's hard to believe we will be in Paris tomorrow morning. I miss it all already. Vive Le Tour!

For those who asked about the pokeberry adventure, here and here are my blog posts on the picking and dyeing process that I hope to repeat this year. There is a bumper crop out there. Now they just have to ripen.


  1. Ooh it's all so pretty. The white looks it? Dare I admit I haven't watched any of the race? :-)

    1. Not very soft but it's Shetland and I knew it wouldn't be. I wouldn't put it on my neck but it should make a decent hat.

  2. The blue cotton is a lovely variety of colors.

  3. LE Tour 2016! Fireman watched a lot of it. You accomplished so much this year Deborah! Are you wearing a yellow shirt tomorrow? You deserve it

  4. Great job! I like the cotton, too-very pretty.
    It is a great time to focus on our spinning.
    Thanks for a reminder of the pokeberry adventure!