Saturday, November 14, 2015


 Ouchy fingers or not, I'm still knitting. After a hard day of sewing I sat down and turned on the TV last night to relax and....good grief. I needed some wooly goodness to handle the news out of France. The world's gone mad.

 Knit, knit, fret....before I knew it the twins were at the toes. These are for gifting but I like them so much I may need to buy more of this yarn and knit them again for me.

Son's cardi is moving along too but before I go much farther I need a body to hold it up to. I wonder what his plans are for the holidays.


  1. Lovely knitting.....crazy world!
    I had forgotten the first fair isle project-it looks like cathedral windows! (What pattern is it?!)

  2. Me too! I knit to the news last is soothing to me.
    I love your green intricate. Im all about socks right now, so I love yours.

  3. I agree, that news was terrible. My knitting last night didn't help either as it was not cooperating! Nice socks; what's the yarn?

  4. The world has gone mad! It's hard to believe how much hatred some people hold and act on. Maybe they need to knit? Seriously. It couldn't hurt.

    Like everyone else, I want to know what the yarn is on those awesome socks!