Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dumped On

It was oddly dark yesterday morning.

It seems my poor little house was covered in leaves.

And it wasn't just the house. Poor Mini is a mess too.

The Mister takes great pride in keeping the leaves up but we were fighting a losing battle yesterday. Instead of the usual trickle it was a blizzard.

It was a leafy snowstorm all day long.

I'd no sooner sweep them up then they would be back and deeper than ever. It was very odd.

If this keeps up we won't have a leaf left by Thanksgiving. I should also mention I had to turn on the AC as it was also hot as blazes. This should be an interesting winter.


  1. You need another windy day to blow all the leaves away!
    I love blustery/warm Fall days!

  2. We lOVED are warm warm week with Allison at home. BUt it was an extra week of fall/summer to us and now its over. Most of our leaves are down....certainly not all

  3. We had that yesterday, but with rain.. all of a sudden it got REALLY dark and the sky opened up and buckets poured out all at once!
    There's not enough trees here for us to get leaves like that.. but I'm sure those living on the edge of the escarpment did - it was so windy!
    And super warm - I almost put the top down on the car on Tuesday, and right now I've got the door open to catch a breeze.. that's just crazypants for us for November.

  4. Okay is just WRONG to have A/C on and fall leaves a-fallin'! LOL

    They are beautiful leaves though.

  5. I had to reread that .. A/C? And you're not in California? Holy hotpants the climate is waging a war of confusion upon us isn't it?

    I love the color of your season falling leaves though. Seems like a good ... activity? Get some exercise and get a chore done!