Saturday, November 28, 2015

Maiden Voyage

 In 2014, I brought home two bags of Shetland fleece from the MDSW.

Right before the 2014 TdF I washed it lock by lock.

During that year's Tour I spun it and knitted it into a vest that I thought I would hate. It seemed itchy and bulky while I was knitting it.

When the eye doctor called to say my new glasses were ready I went looking for something to put on to go pick them up. It was chilly but not cold enough for a sweater. Those btw are my first ever real glasses for seeing distance. In order to continue driving, the state of Maryland was insisting I get them. They live in the car. They cost me $300 and you know I would lose them if I were to actually use them for anything but driving so in the car they stay.

 After digging through the knits, I threw the Galiano vest on for the very first time ever but there was a problem.

 Having no buttons, it gapped open.

 I used a turquoise earring to hold it closed. It worked. The whole point of all of this is that I loved the vest. I wore it several days in a row. It wasn't itchy, it wasn't bulky and now I want to make more. Knitted vests are the way to go.


  1. that's an unusual idea for a fastner! It looks a great pattern for handspun yarn (I'm not keen on knitting sleeves so I can see the advantage of a vest!) thanks for the recommendation!

  2. The vest is gorgeous! I love the rustic look of it and using the earring was pure genius! You should see if you can find a turquoise button. The turquoise goes great.

  3. Very clever "button"!
    The vest is very pretty and looks great on you. I think I'm too much of an apple (body type) to wear vests, though.

  4. Well that is just wonderful. The vest is gorgeous!! !just gorgeous! Im so happy your hard work is paying off in an favorite warm way!

  5. Your vest is beautiful in your handspun.

  6. It is a beauty that is for sure! It will encourage me to get out my vest and get it done to wear it for our chilly days starting in January. Shetland is my favorite fiber to spin; what's not to love about it?!

  7. Wow. Beautiful vest!