Saturday, November 21, 2015

Stupid Stuff That I Have Bought

 I've been making lots of trips to Joanne's during the gingerbread adventure. Joanne's is near a HomeGoods. I am a sucker for little boxes of goodies. I will pay $3 for a few cookies at HomeGoods and balk at paying that for a whole box in the grocery store. Go figure.

 Same for the rice and noodle mixes I always come home with. I never seem to use them. I collect them.

 At Walmart I found these.  Maple bacon cookies? How good can that be? I'm going to find out. They are made from veggie bacon bits in case you're wondering.

 The big splurge this week was in the fruitcake department. It's all pricey but I don't care. I'll be eating fruitcake until spring.


  1. If I ever went into a grocery store, the soup packages would allure me to purchase! The cookies-only the tried and true-not bacon cookies! lol Happy fruitcaking!

  2. Actually i have HAD those Panettones. They are pretty good. :-) Looks like you will be busy in the kitchen for quite awhile.

  3. I dont think it is stupid stuff. You can donate it if you want.
    I've been thinking of all the ITCHY things I've knitted . This week I've decided Im too practical to keep working on things that no one will wear because it itches. I've been thinking of all the stupid things I've knitted.
    it is humbling

  4. Might you share your fruitcake recipe?

  5. You and I would be dangerous together if we went "supply gathering" together. I feel like you would be a fierce competitor in my impulse buying non existent competition. ha! I don't know how you do it, but you make me start thinking (not just this year!) that I could REALLY start to like fruitcake. You know this is far from my real truth. But maybe if I modified ...